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Direct, immediate, fast and relevant information is the key to acquiring and maintaining a modern customer. The exchange of information has long been not only one-way, but has become very dynamic and multi-level. The interaction that started on your site can be continued via e-mail and closed on Facebook. The number of channels and media is almost unlimited. No matter where we are, our online presence must always be comprehensive and up-to-date.

Facebook is a social online medium. A social network where Internet users spend more time than any other website. It is almost imperative that you present your company here as well. If your company does not yet have its own Facebook page, it's time to join the world's largest online community as soon as possible:

Faster interaction with your customers

Higher sales of your products or services

Raise the value of your business

Increase your company's reputation

Choosing a social network for your marketing activities can be difficult, as there are many others, equally important, in addition to Facebook. Above all, it depends on what we sell and how much time we are willing to invest in a channel.

Social networks are free, but your time is not. Therefore, choosing the right social network and making a marketing plan for online appearances is so important. It's better to be excellent in one network than the average in five.



The goal of your online social networking presence is to:


  • Change your customer into a satisfied member of your online community.
  • Instead of purchasing, you get a partner who will remain loyal to your brand, spread a good voice about your business, and actively contribute to your online community.
  • Members of your online community can actively help you improve your offer, find ideas for new products, test and retrieve information.

In our agency, we guide you through an entire appearance in online communities, from selecting the right network, creating a plan of acting and managing your presence and interaction. Fill in the online form or call us at +386 1 600 10 70 for the appointment and briefly describe your wishes. Our consultant will be visiting you to explore together how you will successfully perform on web social networks.

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